Capelle & Partner is a business in Nauru that opened in 1965 and was not much larger than a shipping container. Today it is a major retail department store and supermarket with staff levels in excess of 100 employees. The store also has warehousing, freezer and cool room facilities for an extensive diversified range of product categories.

Ewa Lodge has accommodation available with rooms with share kitchen, studio style rooms and self contained apartments. Car rental is available from 8 seater vans, sedans and four wheel drives. All at very reasonable rates. Other services offered within the business is LPG Gas supplies, refrigeration and airconditioning services, fully equipped motor vehicle workshop for servicing, repairs and maintenance and recently opened restaurant in Anibare Bay called ‘The Bay’ specialising in Western and Indian dishes.


The business was started in 1965 by Sophie and Des Oppenheimer selling garments, yard goods, mats and handicrafts. Sophie had always wanted to open a store to sell garments and handicraft and when Des left the British Phosphate Company, their dream was realised and the shop was opened in Ewa district where the business still operates today. The variety of stock available for sale eventually led to used cars, boats and outboard motors. As the business grew in the 70’s, new categories were introduced and the business specialised in beer, liquor and tobacco. A familiar face in those days was Richard Capelle ( Sophies father) who was always at the store to greet customers and go the extra mile to ensure the service was always at its best. Richard passed away in 1989. Sophie and Des’s son, Sean joined the business in 1988 after completing his education in Melbourne Australia and three year cadetship with Coles Myer. 1990 saw the ┬ástart of expansion to the business infrastructure with the main supermarket, warehousing and cool storage.This set the foundations and the business has grown rapidly to what it is today headed by Sean.